Spring/Summer Sale 2014

LOCATION: Old Kroger in West Rome (next to

Drop Off Appointments:
February 10-20 (sign in to your consignor
homepage to register for a special drop off
appointment if you choose)

Open Drop Off:
Friday, February 21                4pm-7pm
Saturday, February 22                10am-3pm

Consignor Pre-Sale:
Thursday, February 27                       5pm-9pm

Public Sale:
Friday, February 28                10am-7pm
Saturday, March 1                10am-7pm
Sunday, March 2                1pm-7pm

Consignor Half-Off Pre-Sale:
Thursday, March 6                5pm-9pm

Public Half-Off Sale:
Friday, March 7                10am-7pm
Saturday, March 8                10am-7pm
Sunday, March 9                1pm-7pm

Consignor Pick-Up:
Saturday, March 15                10am-2pm
Sunday, March 16                2pm-5pm

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