Volunteer With ACT!
Volunteers are critical to the success of our sale! Another Child’s
Treasure and staff are extremely grateful to anyone who is able to
contribute time to our event. If you have never worked with a sale like this
before, or are not sure what to do - No Worries!  You will receive a brief
training at the start of your shift and friendly staff will be on hand to offer
help at any time.
Shifts are all three hours long in duration. Volunteers are rewarded for
their time with early shopping passes to the Main Event and/or Half Off
Pre-Sale, a refund of the $10 Consignor Fee, as well as earning up to
75% of your total sales. The more you volunteer, the more you earn! Sign
up fast...you would be surprised how quickly the shifts will fill up!
You can
sign up to volunteer by signing into your consignor homepage or

Volunteer Incentives
  • WORK THREE 3-HOUR SHIFTS: Shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale!
    Volunteer to rake in the bargains, best prices and hard to come by
    offers before everyone else! (Trust us...9 hours of volunteer time is
    absolutely worth it!!)
  • WORK FOUR 3-HOUR SHIFTS: Shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale
    AND shop the Half-Off Pre-Sale. Not only that, you will also receive
    a refund of your $10 consignor fee right on your profit check!
  • WORK FIVE 3-HOUR SHIFTS: For 15 hours of your time, you will
    be able to shop both Pre-Sales, receive a refund of your $10
    consignor fee, AND EARN 75% OF YOUR TOTAL SALES
    (instead of the normal 70%)!!!

Notes About Volunteering
  • You may not bring children with you during your work shift.
  • Every 3 shift volunteer will receive ONE pre-sale pass. If your friend
    would like to shop the volunteer pre-sale, encourage them to
    volunteer with us!
  • Please do not text, talk on your phone, or shop while working.
  • Remember to check in and out of your shift to ensure proper credit
    for your time.
  • Remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • You will be given a volunteer apron to wear with pockets to store
    personal items (like keys and phone for emergencies), as well as
    other items you may need for working (such as safety pins, pen,
  • You MUST arrive on time and STAY for your entire shift in order to
    receive your volunteer benefits.

Volunteer Responsibilities
  • CHECKOUT ASSISTANT: Assistants help the cashiers at the
    checkout bag bargains and place SOLD stickers on large items.
  • SALES FLOOR MONITOR: Floor Monitors help us keeps the
    sales floor in order by organizing the items, returning items back to
    the sales floor when needed, placing items in our holding area for
    customers while they shop and removing items from the sales floor
    if they do not meet our quality guidelines.
  • DOOR MONITOR: Door monitors collect Pre-Sale passes, check
    our guest list during the Pre-Sales, inspect large outgoing items for
    SOLD tags, give out goody bags, tag incoming strollers, and other
    miscellaneous duties.
  • DROP-OFF INSPECTORS: Inspectors check items from
    consignors when they drop them off. An eye for quality is a must.
    You will be looking to see that they are tagged properly, that
    clothing is in acceptable condition, and that toys and gear are
    functioning properly.  Be ready to turn away items that don’t meet
    our quality guidelines.