Important Seller Information!!!

1. Consignors earn 70% of their sales!!!
2. There is a drop-off fee of $10 due at check-in/drop-off. At this
time, consignors must also sign the Seller Agreement. (Follow
link to read the agreement.)
3. PLEASE place your clothing items in size/gender order before
dropping off. This helps us get your items to the floor quicker
and in a more organized fashion for shopping.
Another Child's Treasure will comply with the "Consumer
Product Safety Commission"(CPSC) law for all recalled
products! This includes clothing items with charms and/or studs.
To get a complete listing of these items, you may go to
5. We reserve the right to refuse any items based on condition or
inappropriateness of the item(s).
6. You will pick up your unsold items and your profit check at
Pick-Up. If you wish not to pick up your items, your check will be
placed in the mail following the last pick-up day.
7. Unsold items left at the sale location at conclusion of pick-up
will be donated to local charities.  

Tips for Selling Your Items!!!

1. All clothing items are to be hung on hangers with the hook
pointing to the left. The tag will be placed on the right side of the
garment when looking at it.
2. We prefer that you use zip ties or safety pins to secure shoes.
(Zip ties can be purchased inexpensively at the Dollar Tree or
Wal-Mart.) This allows shoppers to get a better look at your
shoes when making a purchase. NO BAGGIES.
3. At Drop-Off, have all items sorted by size and gender.

For more detailed suggestions for selling your items,
follow this